Et cetera

47 Things Worth Living for

The TWLF, or otherwise Why I Still Haven’t Killed Myself, is a non-comprehensive list of things I find soothing. Cool phenomenons, serendipitous events, smart ideas, intense people or intense things they’ve done, all that preserves my faith in humanity and the world. This is what will make me smile on a particularly shitty day, or week, or – let’s not pretend – month. This is what I’ll turn to when the whole world starts to transform into an episode of the Walking Dead. Here they are, my precious sanctuaries, but randomly:

  • Mrs. Lauryn Hill’s voice;
  • Fulfilling work that makes me lose track of time;
  • Dogs;
  • Interacting with someone who completely turns around my view on some topic, especially if the topic is life itself;
  • The psychedelic fact that Sgt. Pepper and Piper at the Gates of Dawn were recorded in the same studio – at the same time;
  • Daydreaming;
  • Colleagues who are true team players;
  • Tabbouleh;
  • Old airline commercials;
  • Home parties after which the host is requested to appear in court under several public disturbance charges;
  • Being able to get rid of a spider without killing it;
  • “Saperavi” wine from Georgia (the real country);
  • Comedy Central’s South Park;
  • A nice workout which leaves you more energetic than when you started;
  • Hearing a native speaker of Turkish pronounce blue, street or tsunami;
  • Hitchhiking;
  • Thinking about how, not so long ago, a bunch of Vietnamese farmers had kicked out the most powerful army in the world;
  • Friends who go through the most insane shit with you and remain your friends;
  • The sheer existence of Moammar el Qathafi and Lt. Fieldmarshal Idi Amin Dada in this Universe, regardless of the timeslot they appeared in;
  • Carpets on wooden floors;
  • Adding spring onions to meals;
  • Ghanaian & Nigerian disco funk from the Seventies;
  • Watching a camel chew;
  • Putting makeup when feeling down and watching it work its magic;
  • Ouzo with icy water;
  • My husband, who goes with me into the deepest shit imaginable and still aims at the highest stars;
  • Starting smoking fags but then quitting;
  • Ephraim Kishon’s books translated into Croatian;
  • Acquiring a new language and watching it influence the way you think;
  • Michael Jackson;
  • XX century European films, esp. French ones;
  • Spliffs that make you laugh like a teenager;
  • Turkish coffee;
  • A shitload of wasabi on my salmon sashimi;
  • Couchsurfing;
  • Knowing that death is a part of life and that nature doesn’t allow the emotional responses of an individual to be of any significance in its functioning;
  • Executives who aren’t egomaniacs;
  • Islamic architecture;
  • Drunken but quiet philosophical debates which somehow always happen between 02:30 and 04:00;
  • The faces Jacques Chirac makes when he speaks;
  • Canadians (with one exception);
  • Introspection as a result of newly acquired knowledge;
  • Clubbing in Israel;
  • Early spring daisies;
  • Accidentally finding a really cool article on a really cool topic written so beautifully it makes you want to meet the person behind the words;
  • Relieving stress by shedding tears or screaming next to a passing train;
  • Cotton underwear;
  • Sorry for the long post, here’s your potato



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